Article Summary #1 provides an excellent article on the use of the four P's of marketing. The article contains an excellent quote, "putting the right product in the right place at the right time." This quote really sums up the essence of the marketing mix. The article goes on to define in depth each of the 4 elements of the marketing mix. This article is written on a level that high school students would be able to comprehend and apply. I will use this article as an introduction to the unit. I will have students jigsaw this article in expert groups.

Article Summary #2 presents an article with a "how to" approach to developing a marketing mix. This article likens the process of developing a marketing mix to baking a cake. This analogy is one that high school students will be able to interpert and understand without the need for further explanation. I will have students work in groups of three to create a short summary to present to the class about how the marketing mix is like baking a cake.

Article Summary #3

Net MBA provides an article that explains the basics of the marketing mix. This website also provides a relevant venn diagram graphic to visually display how the elements of the marketing mix are related to a company's target market. This graphic will be helpful for students who are visual learners to grasp the concept of the marketing mix relationship to the target market. I will have students individually fill in their own venn diagrams after reading the article.