Online Activity #1 has a coffee shop game where students are the owners of a coffee shop. Studnets must create an excellent product by deciding on the recipe for their coffee. Students run the simulation game and then have to respond to customer comments and complaints to better meet the needs of their target market.
This simulation game will be implemented at the start of the marketing mix unit, since it focuses mainly on the product element of the mix.

Online Activity #2

The second online activity for this unit will be in the form of a webquest. Students will complete the marking mix webquest with a partner. This activity will be completed after all notes and lessons have been covered in the unit. This webquest incorporates all of the concepts covered in the marketing mix unit.

Online Activity #3

This activity will be the culminating activity for the unit on marketing mix. provides a simulation lemonade stand game. In this game, students are able to adjust price, recipe (product), advertising (promotion), and location (placement) This game is a fun way for students to interact with all of the elements of the marketing mix.