Process Reflection

I really enjoyed the process of creating a web page. The biggest challenge I faced during this whole process was linking my separate pages together. I created buttons and then inserted the buttons as pictures on my website. I think set up the pictures to function as link so that when a visitor to my site clicked on a button, it took him to another page within my website. The web hosting server is from within my school. I did have to visit with an Instructional Technology representative at my school to discuss my need for web space. After this discussion was completed, he quickly demonstrated the process of posting information to my site via our school’s web hosting server. From that point I was ready to roll with the assignments for creating my education web site and my outside project for this course.
I would have found it much more beneficial, though, to be creating a website that I would actually be able to incorporate within my classes. I’ve taken all of the CED courses that University of Pheonix has to offer and this course was the only one that did not have me complete for assignments products that I could incorporate into my classroom.