At Conestoga Valley High School in Lancaster Pennsylvania, I am a teacher of business education. For this portion of the outside project, I researched schools in other states and other countries in order to examine the types of business education class and programs those schools offer their students. Below are my findings.

Brandywine High School, Delaware

The business education program at Brandywine High School offers a variety of courses. The business education classes offered are: Business, Finance, Marketing, Marketing 2, 3, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Administrative Services 2, 3, Web Design. Some of these programs are similar to the courses offered at my high school, but several of them are different.
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Ceasar Rodney High School, Delaware

The business education program at ___ high school offers its students a certificate in business upon completion of a required set of courses. This is an interesting concept. The Certificate certifies that the student has completed a comprehensive course of study in business. All of the business courses offered at this school are electives for the students to choose.
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William Penn High School, Delaware

According to the William Penn High School’s website, “William Penn High School is proud to offer our student an array of courses designed to prepare them for entrance into the workforce, as well as to prepare them for their courses of study at the collegiate level. The Career and Technical Education Program offers courses in Agriscience, Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Technology Education, and CISCO.”
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Seaford Senior High school, Delaware

This high school offers a variety of programs in their business department. The courses offered at this high school are: Accounting, administrative services, business info and technology, Marketing. This school has a very small listing of course offerings for its students.
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Woodbridge High School, Delaware

This school does not appear to offer any courses in business education. I selected this school, though, because I found it fascinating that it is one of the smallest public high schools in the state of Delaware. The school’s enrollment peaked at 560 students in grades 9—12.
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Belaire School, Jamaica

This school does not offer any courses in business education some classes that would be considered business education in the United States. Law, Computer Science, Economics, and Business Management are all courses offered at the Belaire School. If these courses were offered in a high school in the United States, they would be taught by a business education teacher.
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Kingston College School, Jamaica

The Kingston College School offers several courses of study that fall under business education. Economics, Accounting, Principles and Accounts, Principles of Business, Office Administration are all classes offered at the Kingston School. These are all classes that would be considered to be Business Education in the United States.
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California High School, California

The California High School is set up in the form of academies. These academies give students a specialized list of courses to take that meet their interests. The California High School does have a Business Academy. This Business Academy provides students with many courses in business education.
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Regis High School, New York

This school is a religious affliated school. The only business education courses offered at this school are in the area of computer science. The school offers several levels of courses in a variety of areas of computer science. No other business education electives are offered at this high school
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Adams City High School, Colorado

This high school is structured in the form of academies. Adams City High School offers a science and technology academy where many courses relating to business education are taught. The academy fosters a student who can think on their own in the real world and problem solve, all of which are business education skills.
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