Chapter 9 Quiz Responses

1. Printing full color images—CMYK color mode should be used
2. Images on the web—RGB color mode
3. Indexed color—limited palette of RGB colors
4. Number of colors in indexed color mode—256
5. How well resolved on image is—bit depth
6. Shades of gray for an 8-bit monitor—256
7. Colors in a 24-bit graphic—16.7 million
8. Will a 8 bit monitor show full range of 24 bit—No
9. Colors in a 16-bit monitor--65,536
10. High pixel count—things look larger
11. More colors at lower pixel count—due to amount of RAM in computer
12. RGB value for web safe color—51:0:204
13. RGB percentages for same color—20/0/50
14. Hexidecimal code for same color—33 00 cc

Chapter 10 Guided Tour

· Example of graphic with colors that dither
· Example of interlaced gif
o it is saved and retrieved in stages
· JPEG Example
o When you click save as, the file type is JPEG
· Not Anti aliased
o The image on the left is not anit-aliased while the image on the right is.
· Thumbnail example
o All of the graphics on this page are thumbnails because when you click them you see a larger version of the same image
· Map
o Excellent examples of images that contains maps are tagged photos on facebook. When a person is tagged on facebook a link is inserted to that person’s individual facebook page.
· Very large graphic file
o This graphic took quite some time to load on my machine
· Useless graphic
o The graphic on this webpage appears to be unrelated to the content of the site
· Alt labels
o Task completed

Chapter 10 Quiz Responses

1. JPEG—photo with subtle changes in color
2. Gif—because it has a large area of solid, flat color
3. GIF—because it is a logo/headline
4. JPEG—headline but it has a soft shadow
5. Not an advantage of Gif—A—unlimited color
6. Not and advantage of JPEG—C—Variety of compression levels
7. Not an advantage of anit-aliasing—B—file size is small
8. reasons for Alt labels—visitor will see label as page loads, in some browsers tha alt label appears on mouse over.
9. number of graphic files to create thumbnail--2