Chapter 3 Guided Tour

Chapter 3 Quiz Responses

1. A--A page of text with formatting specifications
2. C--Make and name a new folder
3. C--Please email us at
4. A--Select the text and apply heading 1
5. B--Create tables or layers
6. D--A paragraph has space following it; a break ho not space following it
7. D--I promise, I won’t do any of the above
8. C--Position the pointer over the link and read the status bar

Chapter 4 Guided Tour

  • Find a page with an inappropriate title, such as “index.htm” or “hexidec. html.”
  • Find a page that has an icon indicating a missing graphic. Why might the graphic be missing?
    • Did this for chapter 3
  • Look carefully at a few web addresses. Can you visualize the file structure now? That is, can you tell which folders are inside of which folders, and which file is the actual name of the web page you see?
    • Yes
  • When you come across business sites, take note of their domain names. Do you find a business that does not own its own domain name

Chapter 4 Quiz Responses

1. C— honey bunny.gif
2. A—1st , C—2nd , B—3rd , D—4th
3. D—All
4. D—All
5. D—None
6. D—All
7. C—Reserve space
8. D--All